What is wellness?  Wellness and taking care of yourself goes far beyond diet and exercise.  And it means different things to different people.  To truly function at our greatest potential, we need to address all aspects of ourselves… body, mind, and soul.  Many people will desire for more time to themselves, wish to feel better during their entire day, and want to feel more energized and refreshed.  I think that’s most of us, right?  Knowing the very basics of where to start is just as important as implementing them into your daily life.  I can help you begin to find ways that resonate with you to make you feel better and more focused.  If you are already practicing self-care but just haven’t established a good routine that you’ve been able to stick to, I can help you figure out what needs to happen in order for you to find it easier to stick to your routine.


Empowerment and authentic living are also forms of self-care.  When we become empowered we feel confident and unstoppable.  We’ve all had those moments in our life where we felt “in the zone”, with a positive expectation for an outcome.  We negotiated our point of view and it worked,  there was no way we weren’t going to get that parking space, we knew we would win that game, they were absolutely going to agree to go on that date…. In those moments, we are empowered.  And it felt great, right??  We do not feel self-doubt, only endless opportunity.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in that zone that more and more often?!  Of course!  The truth is, many of us don’t.  And find it hard to get back in the zone especially in moments when we feel down.  I would love to help guide you into finding your way back to feeling unstoppable, until you absolutely know it to be true….. Because it is!  


When we begin to adapt self-care and feeling empowered into our daily lives, we find ourselves engaging in authentic living.  Living in a way that honors our wants and needs and not feeling guilty about it.  Now, this doesn’t mean hurting others in your pursuit of tending to your needs. However,  it does mean becoming more in tune with what it is and isn’t healthy for you at any time and not lowering your standards.  The hardest part of living authentically is to begin doing so.  Once you see how good it feels to live by a certain set of healthy standards it is easy to gain momentum.  Changing a lifestyle, engaging in healthier friendships, having a romantic relationship that is positive and brings out the best in you and your partner are just a few of the areas we can practice authentic living.


I am passionately dedicated to guiding you on your path to discovering just how wonderful you already are.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.